About us

Ocean Ridge International was established in 2017. At the beginning of its establishment, it was committed to providing construction projects and building material solutions for construction companies and customers. With the development of modern construction technology, our products have become diversified, and more products and services have been launched. The projects we serve range from residential homes, Hospitality & resort, industrial warehouse, agricultural facilities, and mixed-use commercial buildings. While improving products and services, we pay attention to environmental protection and sustainable development. Ocean Ridge International has strict quality control and delivery time limit for our products and suppliers. At present, we serve construction companies in 7 countries and regions around the world and have our commitment to quality assurance for each engineering project.

Ocean Ridge International provides not only the highest quality of building materials but extending support to our business partners in terms of reducing their costs, maximizing their profit, and saving their efforts and time.

We take care of all your building material requirements by providing you or outsourcing (if needed) a full and complete range of products including importing and exporting.

Our commitment and dedication to your project are also rooted in our core values of solid business ethics and stringent quality control measures.

At Ocean Ridge International, we are not just in the business of supplying building materials. We are here to work as a team, a partner who is in the business with you for the long run. Our wide range of products offers you world-class building materials that will take your project from blueprint to completion.

No matter what your construction, industrial and trading needs, you can count on Ocean Ridge International as your building solutions partner.

Let’s build better, together!



Contact: Chang Ge

Phone: +86 16678991915

E-mail: info@oceanridgeint.com


Add: NO. 2000, Binhai Avenue, Qingdao China 266000