Our Advantages

1.       Innovation

Technological R&D

Ocean Ridge International works with manufacturers which have more than 300 international and domestic patens. Its R&D covers new building materials, housing components, and parts, new housing design, and construction, etc. We consistently pursue humanized design and aim to build truly green and ecological modern human habitats through constant exploration and innovation. It aims to effectively use energy and integrate materials and components.


Ocean Ridge International is constantly promoting traditional industry and information technology integration to achieve modern operations management with regards to finance, human resources, marketing, project services, etc., providing clients with an efficient one-stop procurement service platform.

2.       Logistics & Delivery

Just on time.

With our logistic team and heavy-duty trucks and equipment, we fulfil our goal to deliver on time, and shipments are received in the best condition as always, we deliver our products using our strong logistics and delivery network.

Ocean Ridge International has very strong and reliable logistics services and facilities which are always ready and at any given time.

3.       Personalised package solutions

Every client has their own ideas, and every object has its own requirements. Ocean Ridge International always uses an all-inclusive approach that comprises more than just construction services. Whether project developments, public-private partnerships, or partnering models, we have structured our service portfolio in a modular manner and can so offer tailor-made one-stop solutions to meet your demands in the best possible way.



Contact: Chang Ge

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E-mail: info@oceanridgeint.com


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